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'Truths that Stick' Sticker Sheet


What are your truths?

When the going gets tough, the truths in our faith are the very thing we come back to - we need the truths that stick. These stickers are translucent, tear-resistant, removable without sticky residue and waterproof! Made to weather all the seasons in your life.

We loved them on our water bottles, phone covers and laptops!

  • Product Size
  • Product Material
  • Crafted by
  • A5 Sticker sheet of five stickers (each sticker between 6-10cm in width or height)

  • Transparent Vinyl that is scratch resistant, waterproof and weatherproof. Best on light-coloured or transparent surfaces such as glass, windows, laptops, mirrors, walls etc.

  • Designed by Pigments; Produced by Parables

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