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We desire to craft life-giving and meaningful gifts that are inspired through prayer.


We want our gifts to be like the parables - drawn from the everyday life that help us see, hear and understand with our hearts, the teachings of Jesus. Parables cut through the clutter of our lives and remain in our heart.

We start with original ideas that resonate with our mission, and make sure we're pointing to Him in all we do, from planning, to crafting, to delivering it to you.

Gifts, with stories, become tangible testimonies of love, they become more meaningful.

Story behind the gift

We bring you closer to the crafting process, giving you a glimpse of the prayer process and considerations in designing for a Christian lifestyle.

"The craftsman uses something that already exists, to which he gives form and meaning." - St JPII, 1999

Creative Community

We are a community of creatives that seek to live fully - connecting our gift of crafting the Beautiful with our relationship with God.

“Other seeds fell on good soil and brought forth grain, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. " - Mat 13: 3-8

Laudato Si

We love our created earth and aim to be as environmentally-friendly as possible so we reduce, reuse and recycle where we can!

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good” - Gen 1:31

Our Craftsmen

We desire to be a place where craftsmen quit daydreaming and together respond to God's call to share their gift with others.

Like in the Parable of the talents, we give thanks for our gift in crafting and pray that we remain faithful and courageous as he multiplies the fruits of our labour. 

"What they manage to express in their painting, their sculpting, their creating is no more than a glimmer of the splendour which flared for a moment before the eyes of their spirit.... Eyes able to contemplate and give thanks, and to raise to God a hymn of praise. The only way for them to come to a full understanding of themselves, their vocation and their mission."

- Adapted from Letter to Artists, St John Paul II, 1999

Team member


A class doodler that never got tired of turning lectures into infographics. Mostly a creature of habit but always ready to be creative and spontaneous  in expressing my faith if the Holy Spirit prompts. God likes to talk to me on long walks or when with a pencil (or mouse) in my hand. My dream is to see the Catholic church on fire! 

'Mass Communication' Book

Armour of God Enamel Pin (26mm)

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Enamel Pin

Team member


Constantly drawing strength from the truth that God continues to love me first and desires for this deep intimacy with me. I reveal God through joy, creativity and encouragement. I find comfort in creativity - simply plugging in to the creator, but of course there is the change to fight the lie that I am not creative.

Team member

Alycia Teo

The Pondering Painter

I am a Singapore-based illustrator still trying to walk towards my vocation. Recently, my quest to find my vocation took me on a six-month trip to New Zealand, where I dived into a myriad of art lessons. I enjoy a simple time reading at a cafe and writing in my journal. Ultimately, I am still God's work-in-progress.

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I'm an aspiring creative that enjoys doodling, cooking, and playing hockey. Art has helped me to discover where Jesus is, especially in the difficult moments of my life. The Lord makes it easier for me to process my feelings when I'm articulating them through art. 

Team member


Little Cocodile

I love doodling because it helps when I feel anxious. When I see God's blessings unfold in my life I celebrate with solo musicals and dance in the toilet. Recently, God revealed to me my call as a bridge, a bridge to bring people together and closer to God. 

Team member



Quiet, adventurous, and goofy. If I had lots of time, I would draw, write, and illustrate till my little heart was content. I enjoy being able to create but, more so, I find that drawing and writing is not only life-giving but a means of prayer for me and a way of planting deep the truths that God speaks to me.

'Child of the Father' Baptism Card

'Worth the Wait' Baby Romper

Team member


Ink with Love

I am a Catholic convert and hold Psalm 23 ("The Lord is my Shepherd") close to my heart. I am a tea-lover and enjoy reading. I also enjoy creating art pieces during my free time - where it brings healing and hope

Team member


Laura Makes Something

Creating reminds me that the first identity of God is the Creator - the One who loved us into being, who is faithful to what He creates, who never tires in working out the details of our lives, who has a beautiful story written for all of us!  "I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world." -Mother Teresa

Team member



I'm a self-taught painter & illustrator from Singapore. My art is very much a reflection into the personal encounters I have had with our Lord. All of my work has been inspired by the Spirit and I hope that you may be able to relate to the Divine truth behind every product.​May God reveal the Truth to you:that you are precious, priceless, and greatly loved!

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